Enrrique’s superpower is crafting and sharing diabetic-friendly and flavorful Hominy dishes.

Get to Know Enrrique

Despite being young, Enrrique lives life to the fullest. Being a Type-1 Diabetic doesn’t hold him back from anything – it’s become his superpower! He wields the power to reinvent traditional Mexican dishes into leaner, delicious options that everyone can enjoy.

Enrrique’s star of his Hominy Ranchero recipe is the Hominy because of its ability to pack flavor without losing the essence of the original dish (con bistec). He has a special ability to bring people together through food, and we salute him for that. Provecho!

Hominy Ranchero

Looking for a tasty vegetarian option? Check out @diabeticsuperkid's Hominy Ranchero! It's a vegetarian twist on the classic Bistec Ranchero, perfect for your vegetarian/vegan friends and family members.

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