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Curious about Juanita’s Hominy? Get the essentials: What makes it unique, how it differs from corn, its rich history, and practical tips—from finding it in stores to using it in your recipes. Learn about its sizes, taste profiles, and ideal pairings. Start exploring the wonders of Hominy now.

What makes Juanita’s Hominy so great?

Texture and flavor

Juanita’s Hominy’s unique texture and earthy flavor make it a delicious addition to many dishes as it absorbs and complements other ingredients perfectly! It pairs well with meats, beans, sauces, and veggies. The sky is the limit with finding different ways to share.


Juanita’s has earned the reputation as the prefered hominy brand through its dedication to quality, authenticity, and flavor. We use time-honored methods and the finest maize for authentic Mexican flavor.

Health Benefits
Juanita’s Hominy is a nutritious choice you can feel good about. It’s:

Low in Fat
No Added Sugars
Preservative Free
Gluten Free

Plus, it comes in BPA-free packaging.

Juanita’s Offer

Juanita's Offer

Juanita’s offers two distinct types of Hominy—Mexican Style and White Hominy—each with its own unique flavor and culinary applications.

Mexican Style: Earthy taste, perfect for hearty stews (Pozole) and meat dishes.

White Hominy: Milder flavor, ideal for lighter soups, salads, and pairs well with chicken or fish.

Choose the right Hominy to share the tradition of Mexican culture and elevate your creations!

What are the available sizes?

Juanita’s Hominy comes in various sizes. Our smaller, 25oz, cans are perfect for individual servings or smaller dishes, while the larger, 110 oz, cans cater to family-sized meals or batch cooking.

Find the perfect amount to share your culinary creations!


How is Hominy different than corn?

Hominy starts as corn but gets transformed by nixtamalization, leading to a distinct taste, texture, and larger size.

Why are the kernels so large?

The soaking process in nixtamalization makes the kernels swell up. This process also softens the kernels, making them easier to digest and to cook with.

What is the history of Hominy?
Hominy’s roots go back to ancient Mesoamericam, it was a vital food source for Aztecs and Mayans. It has been a staple in Mexican and Native American cuisines ever since.
How has Hominy been used in traditional cuisines throughout history?
Hominy is a key ingredient in Mexican dishes like Pozole and masa for tortillas and tamales. Native American dishes like “”Three Sisters”” also utilize Hominy.


Mexican Style

Authentic, fresh and unique flavor for your next dish.

White Hominy

Mexican tradition, unique twist.

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